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  reality: the state of things as they actually exist. In a general sense, reality it is what is real; reality includes everything that is.


Reality Check: You are in business, now, because you have been successful in the past. You have developed products and/or services that people want, delivered them with a defined quality at a price people are willing to pay for.

the present - now - is a part of your history
You can do nothing to change the current reality of your business. All you can do now – in the present – is influence your future. Future success does not solely depend on past success; though past success may indicate your potential to achieve it – providing, of course, you respond to what is, yet, unknown. Are you equipped to develop your potential, to drive towards that future success?

the future - your tommorow - is influenced by what you do next
As a successful business, with a history, you have an accumulation of culture. The vision, policy, practices and personnel that have created your history, your success, define you. But, your culture constrains you, since your vision, policy, practices and personnel were never designed to act together in a future that is yet to happen.

your greatest asset?
Your greatest asset is your greatest potential. How well do you understand the potential of your own greatest asset?

Do you have a CORPORATE CATALYST, a professional Eye Opener, someone who can help you answer this question and guide you, where required, to a strategic, innovative response? If not, we can help.

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